About Us
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Our Mission

To allivaite the plight of technically sound Nigerians to the world of Engineering.

Our Vision

To be one of the world's renowned oil servicing company in the nearest possible future.


Intercore Global Services Limited. We are a limited liability Company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  since 2018. We are an Engineering, Logistics,  Procurement service provider in Central Africa and  Asia with our headquarters in Nigeria.



Intercore specialize in pipeline maintenance, oil field waste management, well testing/early production services, sand monitoring, engineering design, welding, fabrication and insatllation of piping system.

Our mechanical fabrication skilss include but not limited to carbon steel piping, stainless steel piping and GRE(Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy) piping. We are specialized in both surface and underground piping.


We supply all kinds of Marine hardware, heavy & light equipment, oiltools, technical and safety materials. 

We supply materials like marine anchor, anchor chain and shackles, fenders, zodiac, cross-overs(integral and welded), risers, valves(all sizes and types from needle valve to ball valve and butterfly valve etc).

Turbing/liners, hoses(hydraulic and air hoses), flanges(RTJ, RF), metafle and ring gasket, elbowa,hammer and weco union, choke bins, choke box, ranarex gravitometer, temperature and humidity gauge, pressure gauge, barton recorder, barton chart etc,. Also available are 602, 1002 and 1502 thread/wing pipe work and fittingsof various sizes, high pressure hoses, mud transfer hoses, sand piper & teflon reciprocation pumps.

Our safety materials include but not limited to absorbent pad, safety shoes, safety boots, coverall(fire ratardent and ordinary), hand gloves, nose mask, face shield, helmet, respirators, ear muff, ear plugs, eyegoggles, lesther gloves, rig wash etc. We also supply both brand new and fairly used equipment like compressors, power tools, winches tec, and other technical materials.


As part of our services, intercore also specialize in logistic services including marine. We have trucking services such as low bed, flat bed, self load and other equipment for your cargo movement, vessels and tank cleaning, fleeting management.



One major concept we employ on every level of our intension and activities is team work. The need to continuously embrace this fact cannot be over-emphasized going by our mission and vision for the oil and gas industry.

This is going by our most important objective which is to serve the needs of the oil and gas industry, delivering quality as defined by our clients and ensuring that basic standards are maintained in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. 


Using well informed leadership capable of thinking and acting in the present while developing, planning and facilitating the change required  for the fuTURE.