Surface Well Testing/Early Production Facilities

Surface Well Testing/Early Production Facilities

Our Surface Well Testing/Early production services comes in to assess the true reservoir potential at full scale under dynamic conditions, validating well performance during cleanup and commissioning and allowing reservoir monitoring for better field management.

—  Our Well Testing services is a leader in providing safe, dependable well testing and blowout flow control services to the oil and gas industry. It covers the following: 

  -Exploration and appraisal testing services 

 -Development well clean-up and well unloading services    

-In-line production testing services                   

SURFACE WELL TESTING SERVICES CONTD.—  In addition to standard packages, we support our surface well testing with a dedicated engineering team to provide customized solutions for:                      

-Extended well tests 

-High flow rate tests

-Limited flow tests

— Our data acquisition system measures in real time the flow rates of oil, gas, and water with no prior separation required

.—  We can design a well test package to meet all your requirements, including well conditions with high pressure high flow rates and solids.

—  Our commitment to safety and technological innovation leads to our high level of customer satisfaction. This dedication to safety and technological innovation is evident in our highly trained personnel and our efforts in research and development. From process engineering to help you design the appropriate job, to providing equipment and personnel necessary to perform quality job. We provide complete solutions for all your onshore and offshore well testing needs.

—  Our Wireless Well Test Data Acquisition System is second to none. It offers real time monitoring and display of Well Test Data. It has alarms that can be set to alert Supervisor and/or Operator on required pressure, rates, etc. Signals are transmitted by the wireless sensors to a logger attached to an Inter-phase (Data Port) and sent to a connected computer where the software interprets and displays signals as real time data. A data card is attached to the inter-phase which can also be downloaded for stored results.