Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Maintenance

 Pipeline services are the cornerstone of our business at Intercore Global Services Limited  After more than 2years in the industry, we offer unmatched experience and unsurpassed expertise in pipeline fabrication as well as a wide range of related services. Numerous oil and gas companies across Nigeria have come to rely upon INTERCORE to perform pipeline related services safely, promptly and to the highest standards of quality.

At Intercore we understand the importance of maintaining product deliverability. That’s why we provide quick, reliable repair services to keep your product flowing. Our services include, Pipeline Repairs Replacement Lowering Underwater Construction Erosion Repair & Control

Our repair services include everything from pressure testing to line replacement, coating repairs and more. In addition we offer full-encirclement welded sleeves as well as clock spring wrap technology – which is a low-cost, long-term flexible alternative to pipe clamps or pipe replacement. This technique also allows repairs to be made while a component is still in operation.

Intercore Global Services Limited  can provide you with the best testing, inspection and certification support for pipeline projects in the Oil &Gas industry.

From Vendor surveillance, Welding inspection, QA/QC documents and site supervision, all the way through to vendor release, on-site load-out and subsurface verification, we can help you with any pipeline project.

We can also provide you with the provision of QHSE services for the design manufacture and lay-out of large scale pipelines in the oil & gas industry.

Pipeline maintenance

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