Oil And Gas Equipment Support Services

Giving You A head Start Is Our Delight

The dual nature of Intercore Global Services Limited as a fluids waste management company triggered her expansion into other areas which kicked off with  Rental And Logistics support Services in 2018. It currently provides on rental, our equipment such as 500BBL  Storage tank, lighting panels , Air compressors, port cabins , office Caravans, Security Caravans, Mobile Toilets, Centrifugal  pumps, Generators, Cool Room for offshore  food supply and centrifuges/decanters. These services are backed by best-in-class technical support from some of our partners.


We provide trucks services such as low bed, flat beds and all truck equipment for all your cargo movement. Intercore Global Services Limited primary focus is customer service

The growth of the company has created a need to enhance our freight forwarding service by providing drop shipping points on both sides of the border, direct door to door delivery service, logistics planning, and customs clearance.

We provide trucks and Cranes of various sizes and at any location for all your earth moving which can be sand of chipping, hardcore etc. and we specialize in Earth moving, Light Landscaping and Site preparations, Foundation and Property Preparations, Sewer and Waterlines, Post Hole Digging and Deck Preparation Services, Septic System Preparation.


Amongst out fleet of equipment and services is our excavator service. We offer excavation services with excavator of different sizes for your construction, waste management need and any other that requires heavy lifting.

We also provide forklifts of various sizes and ton lifting capacity to suit your daily logistic need in lifting heavy items. Skips are also available for hire for your waste management uses to create ease of waste handling and disposal.


Intercore Global Services Limited delivers Fleet Management solutions to meet all fleet requirements and provides clients with the best experience.

We deliver custom-built fleet management programs tailored for fleets of any size and budget-providing you with complete control and unmatched flexibility over both domestic and commercial vehicle ranging from sedan/salon cars, SUVs to heavy duty vehicles.

The Maintenance Services proposed plan would and should involve all operational vehicles, and as such would have to work synonymously with the operations of the day to day activities.

Our Cool Room for offshore food supply, Mobile office cabins and mobile Toilets.